1) N-COUNT A town is a place with many streets and buildings, where people live and work. Towns are larger than villages and smaller than cities. Many places that are called towns in Britain would be called cities in the United States.

...Saturday night in the small town of Braintree, Essex...

Parking can be tricky in the town centre.

N-COUNT: usu sing
You can use the town to refer to the people of a town.

The town takes immense pride in recent achievements.

2) N-UNCOUNT You use town in order to refer to the town where you live.

He admits he doesn't even know when his brother is in town.

...attractive and fun loving Americans, new to town...

She left town.

3) N-UNCOUNT You use town in order to refer to the central area of a town where most of the shops and offices are.

I walked around town...

I caught a bus into town.

4) N-SING If you refer to the town, you are referring to town and city areas in general, as opposed to country areas. [mainly BRIT]

More people are going to want to escape from the town into the country...

It had the advantages of town and country combined.

(in AM, usually use the city)
5) See also , hometown, new town
6) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR on n If you say that someone goes to town on something, you mean that they deal with it with a lot of enthusiasm or intensity.

We really went to town on it, turning it into a full, three-day show...

The papers got hold of it and went to town on it...

With ₤500 spending money for each couple, you can really go to town!

7) PHRASE If you describe someone as a man about town or a woman about town, you mean that they are sophisticated, like to go out and spend money, and have a busy social life.

He was known as a tall, handsome man about town...

He is an old flame of Sarah's, from her days as a single girl about town.

8) PHRASE: prep PHR, n PHR If you go out on the town or go for a night on the town, you enjoy yourself by going to a town centre in the evening and spending a long time there visiting several places of entertainment.

My idea of luxury used to be going out on the town and coming back in the early hours of the morning...

Last Saturday, I was out on the town with my mate...

Tim was just arriving home from a long night on the town.

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